About Us

After years of running a very successful makeup academy that is still run by me to this day, I found myself consistently frustrated with some of the requirements of the qualifications we offer. I found that the units/modules were very outdated and that I felt was starting to impact on my class time and getting my learners work-ready.


I found the way we were assessing the learners also not up to today’s work environment standards, and also that all the qualifications and accreditations that the private sector offers in Ireland are predominantly U.K based companies. The issue with that; the support and customer service was lacking. 


I found a gap in the market for an accreditation system created by and supported by Irish industry professionals. A system that’s based on experience, professionalism, and one that moves as quick as our industry does. A system that is looked at through the eyes of working makeup artists and beauty therapists. 


Irish Beauty Excellence Accreditation is the first of its kind in Ireland, ensuring we work with the best insurers. A lot of therapists in Ireland use U.K based insurance companies for their business and that’s fine, we work with excellent Irish insurance companies should you wish to use them. 

We are an Irish accreditation institution of excellence, with decades of industry expertise.

We have a panel of beauty and makeup educators and assessors on our board. Our mission is to support our centres in ensuring the highest level of training is being delivered and that our certified learners are that of the highest competency work-ready.