Accreditation is the process in which certification of competency, authority or credibility is presented. Being accredited means you have been tested and educated by an outside person or committee and theses specialists agree that you meet the standers of that profession. All our specialists are fully qualified trainers and assessors with years of excellence in their professions.

I.B.E.A is the first Irish owned accreditation service set up and ran by industry professionals to serve the private beauty and makeup sector. In today's market employers now hugely favour competency and people skills over the logo on a certificate. 

In recognising that the traditional ways and restrictions of training delivery in accordance to the expectations of some qualifications, we felt that was not keeping up to speed on how our industry was rapidly changing, and that's where the idea of I.B.E.A was born!


An accreditation that's insurable along with an excellent competency level of our learners is, we feel, what's needed in today's market. The way to achieve that is to allow centres to design their own courses in conjunction with I.B.E.A, that way we are sure a much higher level of competency of each learner will be achieved by all our centres. You know your own market better than any qualification representative with an office job telling you your learners are not up to standard. 


Your learners will be assessed by an industry specialist in your area, the assessor will also be a fully qualified trainer and assessor this is very important so you can gain valuable feedback on your business and to get support to help your learners become work-ready, that is our goal. 

What’s different about I.B.E.A against other accreditation companies?


 We have a strict quality assurance procedure for every centre and learner registered with us. With I.B.E.A you cannot just buy our logo for your certificates; there is a full application procedure to become a centre.

Also is claiming certificates for you’re learners, there is also a quality procedure check on every learner's work.

This is to ensure the highest quality of training and delivery is given, and competency levels are where they should be in accordance with the level of certification being claimed. Most accreditations that work in the private beauty and makeup sector do not do any quality checks on the businesses that provide their logo on the certificates being provided that is where we differ. 



What are the benefits of offering our accreditation? 


Each learner, once achieved certification from us, can access and gain insurance with any of our insurance partners based on the country of residence of the learner. Right now I.B.E.A centres and learners can gain insurance with our partners in Ireland, the U.K, Canada and U.S.A. We are working on Irish Beauty Excellence Accreditation becoming worldwide insurable.


Our strict quality assurance procedures and our customer support are highly important to us and something we pride ourselves on to stand out from the crowd. 


We are Irish owned and ran, all courses will be designed in conjunction with the centre and us which allows you a lot of freedom on the courses you wish to deliver.

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